About Me

Hey everyone!

My name is Roberto Moretti. I´m an ex-Computer Science student, and currently work in the restaurant business and as an indie games developer. I live in The Netherlands, which is a quite nice place to live. I often keep myself busy with the Piratenpartij (PPNL, or Dutch Pirate Party) in my spare time.

I often blog about my projects, and general things. I also like to translate articles from English to Dutch, to make them easier to read for Dutch people.

My indie game projects have been going on since 2005, with the first 100% completed one being Haegemonia Vector Prime, see:

Currently, I'm working on a new game, which I might post some posts about.

Also, I run the Piratenpartij Minecraft Project, which the video shown below is about:

For the rest, I mostly socialize, and sometimes game a bit. A few of the games which I've played over the years can be shown in the 2 videos below:

If you'd wish to know more, or if you have comments, feel free to contact me at @robskemoretti on twitter!