Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why I support the Pirate Parties

Why I support the Pirate Partes.

Many people have often asked me the same question in the past: Why do you support the Pirate Parties? I'll explain my reasons for supporting them in this blog post.

About the Pirate Party movement.

The Pirate Party movement is a political movement, which spans over 50 countries at the moment. It's an entirely new ideology, which can't be compared with anything to date. Their approach to problems comes mostly from a mix of civil rights, activism, citizen participation in democracy, fixing the illnesses of the neo-liberal definition of the capitalistic system, humanism and fair politics. They've recently booked a big success in Berlin, winning 9% of the vote. Many of the press are comparing it to the rise of the Greens in the 80's. It is comparable to that, but this will trigger the next change in democracy. Due to the Pirate Parties having a certain insight in things, approach of problems, solutions for issues and atmosphere within the parties themselves, I see them as the first ones really being capable of bringing real change.

Their fight doesn't end once the voting is over. They carry on until all of their desires have been fulfilled. They won't give in to corporate lobbyism, and even inoculate the legislature against certain forms of lobbying. And their solutions don't come from a certain ideology, but they pick the best solution out there. Even if it doesn't come from the Pirate Party itself. That's what I call quality legislature. They use the term infopolicy/infopolitics a lot, and that's fair to use. Their most important asset is information. Which is the most important asset for the 21st century and beyond. They want to give information to the people, which will empower the people. And that's their goal. Give the common people power, so they can monitor the government, instead of the government monitoring them.

Why do I support them?

I have several reasons to support them. Firstly, I think that they're one of the few people actually capable of fixing the broken and corrupt political system. Secondly, they propose real solutions to certain problems, such as bad education quality (or even lack of education!), rising healthcare costs, an economy which is stuttering and breakdown of civil rights and liberties (at the demands of several big multinationals). I think they can fix these problems, and that alone would be already why I would give them my support.

The biggest reason is though, that they can defend humanity against the past. Because they're an international movement, they can unify many countries, and make prejudices of the past disappear. This provides a very good protection against a lesson we learned in the previous century: Don't channel your hate against the system towards a minority in society. We all know what happened after that... And if you don't, ask your grandmother. She can perfectly explain it. I hope I have made my point clear enough.

So all in all, I hope you will know now why I support the Pirate Parties. If you've got questions or anything else to say, you can mail me at raaj (dot) moretti (at) gmail (dot) com

-- Roberto Moretti

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