Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ridiculousness and congratulations

Hey all,

It's been a long time since my most recent blogpost. I was past week at a debate on the radio. There were 3 parties present there. The Party for Animals (PvdD), the Labour Party (PVDA) and the conservatives (VVD). I was very surprised about a thing, but could also understand it. That's what I wanted to write about.

There was a debate about the economic crisis. It was surprising to see how much things the PVDA en VVD were saying which were completely out of place. Or even not true. There's a very big lack of understanding about the source of the crisis at the major political parties, or even most parties. PVDA and VVD were saying "We should invest in startups. We should invest in providing more jobs.". This is in my opinion only partially correct. Creating new jobs and investing in startups only works if the jobs and startups even stay (alive). And with the current economic model, that's not possible.

Besides from Pirate viewpoints like patents, copyright and education, there's more. And only one party in the debate hinted into that direction: The PvdD. They said that Earth's resources are limited. This is very true, and it isn't only logical that this has implications for the economy, but is critical to understand the current economic crisis. We're nearing the limits of the resources on Earth, and that will have a serious impact on the economy.

So after the debate, I told the candidate for the PvdD that I thought that he was the only one drawing the correct conclusions about the crisis. I also told him that I appreciated it that at least one party could draw the correct conclusions about it and saying that out loud on a live radio show. I don't agree with all the PvdD's viewpoints, but this one was very correct. I told him that if the Pirate Party would get into parliament, they would surely get support for this.

Now, why do I understand that the VVD and PVDA were basically talking shit? That's a good question, but simply said: They have been doing this for years. And they're grinded so much into using arguments which are not based on facts (which are clearly out there!), that basically all which comes out of their mouths currently is nonsense. Only one thing I could agree on with those 2 parties: You can't turn your backs on Europe. You have to work together, in order to be competitive in the world. Clearly enough, there was only one thing which was correct which they could say in 45 minutes. So big thumbs up towards PvdD!

That's kinda my rant and all I wanted to say.